1. returnthegayze:

    we must ask:

    what would it mean to say
    that i was assigned brown at birth?
    (& then came ‘man’ as the punctuation
    mark after)

    what would it mean to say that
    after 9/11
    my ?
    became !

    what would it mean to say that
    the war on terror made me trans?

    would you believe me if i told you


  2. thetsaritsa:

    Months of emotional abuse and gaslighting. Sexual assault. Hundreds of dollars owed to me of which I will likely never see a dime. Bringing up my eating disorder in a public post/attempt to clear his name/attempt to discredit/shame me?

    I don’t want to be associated with him. I haven’t wanted to…

  3. eye of the cervix tourrrrrr!! we are having soo much fun!! olympia tonight


  4. Something something improvisation

  5. blackonpalestine:

    #DetroitGazasolidarity #DetroitPalestineSolidarity #Palestine

    (Shared on fb by Antonio Rafael)

    (via mizoguchi)